Surfing’s quiet young pioneer

In her parents’ basement in Orewa, Lou Aitken is riding the quest of a wave, as one of a rare breed of women who create surfboards. Jim Kayes reports.

Lou Aitken is a quiet pioneer. A feminist breaking down barriers simply through her actions.

She doesn’t have a placard or a bullhorn, isn’t burning bras and hasn’t taken to Twitter to join the #metoo movement.

Instead the 23-year-old has quietly smashed two glass ceilings, and is now polishing the sharp edges off the second stage of a career that has seen her go where few women have ventured before.

Paige Hareb requalifies for WSL Championship Tour

New Zealand’s Paige Hareb has requalified for the World Surf League’s full championship tour in 2019.

The Taranaki surfer confirmed her place in the elite division with a standout performance in Australia on Monday.

Hareb has had her struggles on the world championship tour (WCT) this year, failing to make it past the second round and being ranked 18th with just one event left in Hawaii later this month.

WSL announces equal Championship Tour prize money from 2019

For years, women’s surfing has been on the rise.

With the likes of six-time world champion Stephanie Gilmore leading the way, the women on the World Surf League Championship Tour have been campaigning for equal pay to that of the men.

Today, World Surf League granted their wish.