2019 Maori Surfing Nationals

Overall, this event was community centred and had a strong inclusion of wahine surfers and the importance of having women involved in the event.

Zhana Hutchieson took out the winning wave in the final 20 seconds. With seconds to go, Hutchieson paddled down the point and away from leaders Elin Tawharu (Mnt) and Thandi Tipene (Tara) and found a small wave that she managed to complete three nice backhand turns on for a 6.0 point ride and the win and title defence.

Zhana is 18 years old from Waitara and was inspired to surf because her friends were all into surfing. Elin is also 18 years old from Mount Maunganui and her father inspired her to start surfing. Thandi is 33 years old and grew up in Northland and again her father inspired her to surf. Kiri Binnersley came in 4th place grew up in Queenstown and was inspired to surf by the ocean. Yeah girls!