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Spooked Kooks by Mischa Davis

It’s hard not to get the guilts as a surfer wanting to buy a new surfboard. When it comes to surfboard manufacturing sustainable options are few. However, there is now an option to buy a surfboard containing recycled plastic waste. Spooked Kooks surfboards was started with a mission to make the world’s most durable and best performing softboards with as much recycled plastic waste as possible. Whilst the entirety of the boards is not made from plastic waste – 100% of the high-density polyethylene i.e. all the hard parts (the entire underside of the board, fins, fin key, fin boxes, and leash plug) is. They have even replaced the standard shrink wrap packaging with an organic cotton board bag. There is also the option to return your board once it has seen out its days – to be recycled again. It’s a modest start but every little bit counts right?

Smoothstar Skateboards by Tia Lord

When I heard the news about the COVID-19 lockdown in New Zealand and the reality of not being able to go surfing hit, well all I can say is that there was a definite grieving process happening at my house. I’ve been pregnant twice and suffered a pretty traumatic skating injury which had me out of the water for a couple of years so I knew I could cope, but it still SUCKED!! Cue the triumphant music aaaaannnnnd, my wonderful ‘Johanne Defay’ model Smoothstar skateboard rolled out of the garage to save my surfing sanity.

Introducing Betty Zine

During lockdown, a group of surf ladies got together on their local surf
Facebook group to try and channel their energy into something positive and creative. The result is Betty Zine.

A Woman’s Place in a Shark’s World

Have you ever been the first or last one out in the water dangling your delicious limbs over your surfboard wondering if it’s ‘feeding time’ and if you should make your way in because of the ‘feeling’ you’ve got?