Ava Henderson Interview

AWSA board member Daisy Thomas caught up with Ava last week at Scholastics after she took out the U14 division.

Hey Ava,
Congratulations on your U14 National Scholastics title!

Q: Travelling with the Canterbury Scholastics team must have been a hoot, what was the most fun you had while up in Raglan for the National Scholastics Event?

A: Yeah travelling with the team was super epic, the most fun was when we all went out free surfing and before our heats, listening to music and getting hyped in the van haha

Q: Raglan is full of rocky point breaks which is a change from the Canterbury beach breaks, how did you navigate surfing up there?

A: Yeah the rocky points were way different to the beachies in Canterbury. Just listening to local knowledge of where to paddle out and to sit was helpful for figuring out the rocks and break.

Q: The Scholastics event must have pulled a good crowd, how do you manage to win a national title in front of a crowd like that?

A: Heaps of people were there but just staying focused, not being distracted by the people around me and doing my own thing. Just not worrying about others

Q: Lastly can you share a few top tips for scoring a wave in a busy line up?

A: Just go out there and hustle haha!! Thanks for your time, have fun out there you are ripping!