We can’t hide from the ever chilling waters and crisp air of the colder months, good thing the surf is often pumping at this time of year to keep us coming back for more! To make your search for cosy neoprene an easier one, Hydro Surf Shop have developed an independent women’s winter wetsuit guide. Their voice comes from 35 years of wetsuit fitting and trading experience.

The Women’s winter wetsuit guide is a refreshingly easy read, tailored to women of the ocean.

For all of you wonderful AWSA members the team at Hydro Surf have included an exclusive discount code, which gets you 15% off new season women’s winter wetsuits. If you’re interested contact us here to request your discount code.

For non-members there’s still a discount of 10% – use your unique discount code WWW10 to cash in.

Offer valid until 30.06.20